crafted by photobiz

I am a Houston-area photographer who specializes in capturing candid moments, and I most enjoy natural light photography, but that doesn’t really tell you very much about what I do. Let me explain.


If I flip through an album and find a picture of my first dog, I can feel her rough fur and remember how she’d patiently let me hug her too tight, the way kids sometimes do.


I see photos of me and my siblings when we were very young on the beach with our mom and I can smell suntan oil and the warm gold-colored blanket we always took with us. I can feel the cold sand under my palms as we dug holes for water to pool in. I remember our brown Astro van. 


I look at pictures of my first born when she was days, weeks and months old and I can hear her sweet baby laugh and feel her tiny fingers on my face.


This is what I specialize in. Everyone has a story. I want to capture your story in a happy, comfortable and intimate way so that years down the line when you find the photos in an album, you can remember your friend’s voice, or the way your toddler had a mischievous smile, or how nervous and happy you were seconds before you walked down the aisle.  Let’s plan a photo shoot that is undeniably you—the world is our studio! Are you a surfer? Let’s go to the beach. Do you love softball? Let’s get a glove and head to the field. Horseback riding? Show me to the stables. Maybe you’re a reader. Let’s find a gorgeous library! When you hire a photographer, you’re hiring somebody you’re comfortable allowing into your life to preserve your memories. That’s what I love to do, and I am extremely grateful my clients share so many of these precious moments with me.