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Boudoir Info

Let me tell you who makes a good candidate for boudoir photos:

Everyone. Plain and simple. Do you work in an office? You’re perfect for boudoir. Are you a stay-home-mom? You’re perfect for boudoir. Did you forget that you’re smokin’ hot? You’re perfect for boudoir. Are you perfectly aware that you’re smokin’ hot and you want documentation? You’re perfect for boudoir. Are you a size 0? Perfect. Are you a size 28? You’re also perfect for boudoir. Are you crazy outgoing? Are you extremely shy? You guessed it. Either way, you’re perfect for boudoir.


Not only are these some of the most fun shoots to do, but they also seem to be some of the most transformative, and I LOVE being a part of that. Often times, the beautiful women who greet me at door are a little nervous, extremely polite, maybe a little shy. When I leave, those women are empowered, outgoing, larger than life. And I have a secret: I have very little to do with that. You’re already all of those things, but it seems like we can lose touch with that person inside in the dizzy chaos of our day-to-day lives. Taking a day to have your hair and makeup done, choosing pretty clothes and surrounding yourself with other supportive and positive women seems to help people get in touch with the strong, funny, sassy person they are inside. You don’t have to wait for a holiday or special occasion for boudoir photos—we all need little things to look forward to in order to keep life interesting. Think of it as a love letter you’re sending to yourself: “Hey, darling! Remember that we’re in this together! Get your hair and makeup done and buy yourself something that makes you feel beautiful!” 


And if your partner gets some beautiful prints out of it, that’s not such a bad thing either. 


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