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Maternity Info


You’re pregnant! How exciting! Congratulations! 


So many women I’ve done maternity pictures with tell me that when they first got pregnant, they spent hours thinking about what they wanted their pictures to look like. They’ve thought of ideas, outfits and accessories. They’ve come up with locations. They know who they want involved. Then they start showing. Then they get tired. Then they think “I don’t really want to put on pants today.” 


Let’s face it—being pregnant is hard work and you’re likely a little more tired than you’re used to being. What I can tell you is that you will absolutely love looking back on all these maternity photos and what they say about your growing family. You’ll want to document when your family was just two, or three, or four, because that also means you’re documenting the brewing excitement of what’s to come. Another thing I can tell you: I know EXACTLY how you feel. I have three little ones myself, so I know how to make your shoot as comfortable, stress-free and relaxing as possible.


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