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Most Common Questions

When is the best time of day for shooting?

While I can shoot any time of day, there are obviously times that are better than others, especially when shooting outdoors. These times are going to vary depending on what time of year it is, but my favorite time of day to shoot is a time you might have heard referred to as the "golden hour." This is typically the first hour of sunlight after sunrise or the last hour of sunlight before sunset. The light does truly beautiful and enchanting things during this time. Trust me—you’ll fall in love.


Where should we shoot?

This is such a fun topic! Sometimes, for example during a holiday package session on the beach or with the Easter bunny, the shoot location is predetermined and all you have to do is meet me there. Most of the time, however, shoot location is up to you! We can talk about what the shoot is for—are we doing engagement photos? Family pictures? Senior portraits? Then we’ll talk about a location that makes you happy. We can shoot at parks, in front of restaurants, by graffiti walls, at a tennis court—anywhere that best fits the purpose of the shoot. The world is our studio!


What should we wear?

Here’s what I can tell you about this: wear something that will make you feel happy and comfortable. If you’re considering colors or accessories, a good rule of thumb is to think about where you’re shooting and try to wear something that isn’t in the same hue. For example, if we’re shooting in a very green area, try not to wear green or blue. A red or coral or orange would really pop in a green setting. I also have a lot of groups that want to all wear the same color—usually white or black. That’s totally fine! As a rule, white is going to be better than black, but realize that either way, you’re sacrificing some of the color interest in the photo for uniformity. If you’re set on that and it’s your dream, wonderful! But you could accomplish the same basic look if mom wears a red necklace, sister wears some red Chuck Taylors, Dad wears his favorite red Texans hat and brother wears those cute red overalls.


Do you have someone that can do my hair and makeup?

I do! We have an in-house stylist and makeup artist. Her services are included in boudoir packages, but if you’d like to use her for other types of shoots, she is happy to come to you and get you camera ready for an additional fee!


What should I bring?

First things first: Bring your smile! After that, it sort of depends. I’ve done family photos outside and when it looked like it might drizzle, we used an umbrella and galoshes. I’ve done boudoir photos of a seriously smokin’ Star Wars fan who brought a tiny Imperial Walker for her shoot—and it was adorable. I’ve done senior portraits with an accomplished musician who brought her clarinet. The short answer is, think about who you are or what describes you as a family and what might represent that in photos. If you’re having trouble, call me and we’ll figure it out!


So I saw this picture on Pinterest…

I love to see your ideas! It helps to know the direction you’d like to go, and it’s very beneficial for me to get a feel for the kind of photos you enjoy looking at. But realize that it’s nearly impossible to recreate photos someone else did. On top of that, I want to create and give you original photos. That’s why I do this—to document memories that are unique to you! Use Pinterest for inspiration, but remember to keep your individuality in there!

 How are my digital images selected?

Don't stress! I (and most photographers) make the selection of images that make the final cut based on the quality of the photo. The best ones are always the ones I edit and give to you! Do you notice a blemish you wish you didn't have or did your kiddo face plant the day before and has the boo boo to prove it? Talk to me! I may be able to help with some light touch ups!

What kind of payments do you take?

I accept cash, credit cards or checks made out to Sun Kissed Studios by the end of the shoot. How easy is that?!


What if I need to reschedule?

Things happen! I get it! If you need to reschedule and I have 72 hours notice, we’ll reschedule it for the next available mutually convenient date. No extra steps or explanations required. If I have less than 72 hours’ notice, the remainder of your session fee is required to rebook.


What happens after the shoot—how will I get my photos?

Great question! After our shoot, I’ll edit the photos and send you your digital copies and a photo release. I can email them to you or use DropBox. From there, you’re free to print them wherever you like, keep them on your computer or place them into digital albums!


I got my digitals from you. Man do they look great! Is there a place you’d recommend for printing?

I do have a preferred print house! When I print photos of my family, I use this website: Their photo quality is good, their website is easy to navigate and the photos come back quickly. If you’d like to go the local route, I’ve found that the quality of prints at CVS and CostCo is noticeably better than their counterparts… you know who I’m talking about…