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How many outfits should I bring?

You can bring as many outfits as you want, and you can change as many times as your heart desires within your two-hour photo session! The most outfit changes I’ve photographed is about six. The average seems to be three to four. If you’re bringing a lot, make sure to stretch first—we’re going to be moving fast!


Can I bring accessories?

Yes! Please do! Long necklaces, sexy shoes, sunglasses…all of these things are great! Think outside the box too. If your husband is a pipefitter, bring his welding hat! If you love comic books, bring your favorite one! If you’re a huge music fan, bring something that represents that. Play chess in your free time? Set out your a set. Remember that YOU are sexy, and anything you like to do can be made into a beautiful, intimate picture.


Can I bring a friend for support?

You sure can! Let me know ahead of time so if we bring extra goodies we have enough for everyone!


Do you provide makeup and hair?

We do! In fact your package includes 90 minutes of makeup and hair from our in-house makeup artist and stylist. She’ll need some pictures of you without makeup to make sure she can match your foundation. If you’re more comfortable using your makeup, that’s fine too—she can put your makeup on you. She also recommends that you purchase some false lashes and glue if you don’t already have any. These can make a really big difference in your shots.


Where do we shoot?

Remember that the point of boudoir shots is to feel empowered in your own skin, in your own spaces. That being said, the best place to do boudoir shots is always your house. You’re comfortable! You’re at home! Anything you need is right there and you don’t have to worry about forgetting something when you’re packing up to move to another location. If for some reason you don’t want to shoot in your home, I’m happy to meet you wherever you’d like. Some women shoot at the homes of their friends, others rent luxurious hotel rooms and make a weekend out of it.


Do you offer group rates?

I do! If you have three or more friends who would like to take shots one after the other at an agreed-upon location, contact me and I’ll be happy to give you group rates!


Exactly what level of undress am I agreeing to here?

Do not fret. Your level of dress will be whatever level you’re comfortable with. I’ve had women who wanted to be topless, and I’ve had women who wore sweatshirts during their shoots. Remember, boudoir shoots aren’t about being nude—they’re about being dressed (or undressed) in a way that makes you feel beautiful, comfortable, confident and happy. Whatever your happy place is, that’s where we’ll stay for the duration of the shoot! With that being said, even if you don’t plan on wearing something too risqué, I’d suggest bringing at least one outfit. You don’t have to wear it, but it’s good to have if you decide you’d like to. I think you’ll be surprised at how confident you are by the end of the shoot.